Jasmin Fields – Lyrics

These are the Lyrics for my first Single “Jasmin Fields”

She doesn’t know when he will come back (home)

She’s looking to the skies
Wandering through the stars
Trying to understand when is the time to love

He’s looking through her eyes
Being awake at night
Dreaming of Jasmin Fields and missing her (too much)

She’s gone through many, many nights of waiting
waiting for the dawn
And he’s fighting, fighting over for the
triumph of the heart
But when the sun is there again and lovers
meet up in the sky – Love will prevail!

The time will come
When the people must resign
To the power of the lovers that together
they will find the way to be
In Jasmin Fields they’ll play and care
For ever love will stay!

The Science in Avatar

AvatarLast weekend I went for the second time to watch Avatar 3D, the movie of the year 2010, by the movie critics… Now, why the movie of the year? My friends make me comments always oriented to the “bad argument” of it, “the story is too lineal” or “the story is too childish”… May be you’re interested in knowing why then I do agree with the critics and why do I think that Avatar means to me one of the most important movies of the last times.

It is not the story but what it lays behind, which makes Avatar a transcendental movie, a Science Fiction classic of our days. A story to be expanded and to stay in western culture for years to come. In none of this does the story take part, that love and war story, almost a copy of the movie “The mission”, metaphor of the Spanish (and English) acculturation to the natives of America goes almost unnoticed in contrast with the pseudo-scientific background that lays behind. Continue reading